Internet muddles people

I’m a good observer and since few years I’ve been watching how Internet influences people. I came to the shocking conclusion.

Internet makes people stupid.

It’s easy way to meet people and have fun in social games from comfortable couch. Unfortunately, in between people lose sense of reality.

Making fake personalities and pretending to love everyone for fake popularity is a topic for another post, which I may write soon.

Today I want to share my opinion about people falling in love online.

I admit, I’ve had few online ‘relationships’, but I’ve never wanted to go into the next level until I met someone in real life and make a plan for our relation.

It’s fine for me to meet someone I like a lot and who I’m interested in more than only in friendship. We can spend a lot of time on chatting and Skyping to get to know each other more and then eventually meet in person and make a plan for future.

I have a lot of Facebook friends, due to my laziness to remove most of them, but it’s good way to observe different types for people.

Unfortunately, I don’t have positive opinion about what is going on in those days.

People started taking platforms as Facebook as real life.

They meet someone online, chat a little and then they are so in love.

I have some friends whose behaviour pisses me off.

One of them has a girlfriend who he met in one of social games (why it is bad decision I’ll write in a post in few days) and they are ‘together’ for a year now and have met once. What scared me is that they are engaged! After one meeting in person? He says they are not going to get married right away and that first they will move in together.

That’s really great, but why to be engaged before it happens? How they know they will want to spend rest of the life with each other after being together for 1 day? I think it only puts pressure at both of them to make their relation work. I suppose it will be damaged sooner than I expect.

Second one is engaged with new man every now and then. At first I said cool, she met a guy online, they were in ‘relation’ for a while, then they met and were engaged. Then I saw they broke up, she went to this country again and when she was back she had another fiance. Then I said WTF? Then she was single again and today I saw she is engaged again.

Again in my mind is only WTF? Seems some people treat engagement as going out to the work. It’s totally normal!

I sometimes think I’ve been kidnapped by aliens who put some oil to my brain so I’m rational. For me engagement and marriage is a very serious thing, not only status on Facebook.

In general Internet is cool. It opens possibilities to know people from all over the world, to know what is going on in the world. Even it’s cool to meet a man/woman who can make our hearts beat faster.

It’s all cool if we keep it rational.

I don’t mind meeting a guy, who I may even love, online, but I’ll try to meet him face to face as soon as possible and see how we get on in real life until I make a decision about being with him. And if we decide to be together I would probably move to his country as I have nothing to lose anyway. And then if our relation is working good and we want to be together forever, we can engage and think about marriage.

Of course, everyone has different opinion about it. I’m not trying to prove everyone who thinks different that only I’m right.

I only ask to think good about Internet relations and be aware for the risk. Not everyone is as good as we think. Some people have bad intentions and we may find ourselves in dangerous situations.



7 thoughts on “Internet muddles people

  1. I use the internet to meet people, sure. In my line of work you kind of have to, but it’s ok, I think the interenet is a great tool for meeting new people. However, having said that I agree with the whole ‘love’ situation. Personally, I have never been in an ‘online relationship’ I’ve always been a tactile person and so I generally only start truly liking someone when I’ve had some physical contact such as hugging/kissing/flirty touching etc. You can’t really get that on Facebook. I also agree that I think it leaves a lot of people out of touch in the real world, I think social networking makes people a lot angrier, paranoid and definitely more impatient. Internet has made things easier, more accessible and that has its flip side. I mean less than a decade ago you wouldn’t have been able to see your loved one partying, live upstreams of photos of them posing with people you’ve probably never met. If they said they were hanging out of mates, you’d just probably just trust them to have a good time, now you can click and view where they are, what they’re doing and every person you don’t know becomes a possible threat regardless of whether they are actually significant to them or not. My point is, I still think the internet is great but like with most things, as long as you use it in the right way/amount then it’s fine, if it starts to get a bit unhealthy, that’s when you need to step back and rethink.

  2. I agree with you completely. Also, I don’t like that people rely on the internet for social interaction. I’ve realized that most of my friends do not really get in touch with me since I was actively posting in Facebook about what I’m up to and what not. It annoyed me to the point that I deleted my Facebook (well, deactivated). So far, I’ve managed to not participate and rely on Facebook for interaction with my friends. I was able to ‘weed’ out the true friends that kept in touch with me without my Facebook. But yeah, it’s really sad that the internet is slowly keeping us out- of- touch with reality. I admit that I’ve been in an online relationship before- when I was a lot younger… say 14? lol Now that I’m 22, I invest most of my time in an actual relationship. Long distance ones are hard to keep and in my opinion, a waste of time. I think people just need to try and go out and meet people: Do it the old, classic and meaningful way šŸ˜€

  3. I don’t know. I try not to cross a line. I believe people like their safety. I have made many good friends on many sites. Take time and trust. I have told many people. Writing sites are not for dating. I’m here to learn and keep my mind active. I’m old school. I like to meet people in a public place, drink coffee and learn who the person truly is. Good questions brought to life in your blog.

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