A way for sickness

Unfortunately, sickness got me all. I could somehow survive it, but this weekend is my college weekend and I need to be healthy to be able to spend there all day.

Cold usually lasts 7 days and I always waited when it passes itself, but in this case I don’t have time for waiting.

I need to be cured on Thursday, the latest.

I decided to use old homemade recipe for sickness.

Warm milk with honey and butter + sandwiches with garlic.

Eating garlic was hard, but I already feel difference.

I can breath by nose, I have smaller hoarseness and I don’t cough every 5 seconds.

I hope it helps me to get better fast.



3 thoughts on “A way for sickness

  1. Seems funny to like a post about being ill, but I’m liking the sentiment ‘I hope you feel better soon!’

    For a cold, paracetamol, 2 x 500mg maximum 4 times a day, lots & lots of liquid, preferably warm & alcohol free!, and chillies, ginger & garlic… all kick start the immune system!

    Use good quality soft tissues! Your nose will thank you!! πŸ™‚

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