Sickness is coming

This season I’m getting sick late. Probably, because winter came just few days ago. Usually it starts in Poland at the beginning, eventually in the mid, of November.

I was very happy that November this year was kind of warm and beautiful.

Sunday/Monday night has given us first snow. Since that time it didn’t snow at all. Polish weather is strange this year.

For 2 days I’ve dealt with terrible sore throat. Nor honey, neither salty water helped. Pills helped a little bit, but I was dying anyway. Now it turned into cough! Just great! Neo-angin became my best friend.

I’m spending my day under blanket with warm raspberry juice watching tv. I need to get better before weekend, because I’m not willing to be sick on my friend’s birthday!

It’s also Santa Claus day (at least in Poland) and real Santa has visited Poland!




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