Little shopping

This was my first free Saturday which I spend in Warsaw. I usually spend it with a friend at her house working on projects or in cinema. This time I had no plans.

I’ve got some extra money this weekend so I decided to make little shopping to buy things I needed/wanted.

First of all I needed hat for the winter. I went to New Look, because they have a variety of different hats. I chose simple, purple one with a bubble. There also was a special offer: 2 items in prize of 1. So I also got scarf. They don’t match, but I don’t care.

I needed new hair ties as well, because old ones are over used and they don’t keep my hair as they should. I went to H&M for that. I also got cherry vaseline to keep my lips in shape while winter.

When I went to cosmetic store looking for one item, I saw Coca-Cola lipbalm! WTF? They produce lipbalms now? I couldn’t resist and bought cherry coke flavor.

After I was back, I ate and relaxed and noticed a hole in my leggins. So I had to go back to the mall for new ones. I always buy them in Tally Weijl. They sell them 2 in prize of 1. It’s a great deal. I actually wear leggings by 99% of time so I have to buy them quite often.



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