A day from Leona’s life

Likely entry in Leona’s imaginary diary:

Hmm…is it 5am again? I think so. I wake up so early lately. It’s so dark. Am I still sleeping on the table? Oh, yes I do.

I’ll go to wake up human mommy’s parents to let me out. I want to run so much. And catch all those tasty mice and bugs. I like running so much.

Hello? I’m meow-ing here. Hellooooo? Oh, finally they woke up. I’m running to the door.

Yes! I’m out!

Hmm…where to go now? I’ll play with leaves. They are so funny.

Oh, I see bug. I’ll try to catch this bug. Oh, he ran away. I’ll try to catch him again. And again. Until I get bored.

Oh, I see light. It’s day already. How long was I running?

Human mommy’s brother is going out. I’ll sneak back to the house.

Yummy, crunchy. My human mommy always leaves me a lot for the night. Yummy, milk.

Uff…I’m full. I’ll go to sleep to cozy bed now.


Oh no, human mommy woke up. She will want to hug and kiss me. Hope she doesn’t carry me. I like this position now.

She only stroked me…uff! She is talking funny things always. Funny human.

What is this sound? Oh, human mommy opens the fridge! Run!

I like my human mommy. She gives me so tasty meat always. She shares her food with me too. She is a nice human.

Do I want to run now or sleep? I think I’ll sleep yet. I’ll go to see what human mommy is doing.

Hmm…she is watching tv. Good. I’ll sleep on the table again. I like table.

Oh, is it fridge again? Run! Oh no, I was wrong.

I’ll go outside now. Human mommy hugs and kisses me again. Why she just can’t let me out?

Finally, I’m out again. Oh, I like running so much.

What is this sound? Human mommy is looking for me. I’ll go home. Run!

Will she ever stop? I don’t like hugs and kisses.

Crunchy and milk again. Yummy.

I think I’ll go to run again.

Bugs are funny. I like to sneak and catch them.

Oh, human’s mommy parents are back.

Human mommy is looking for me. Yes! I’ll eat meat! Run!

Yes! I got meat! My human mommy spoils me. I like it.

I want to go out again. It’s so nice outside.

I’m tired. I ran so much today. It’s dark again. I’ll go to door and wait for human mommy to let me in.

Mmmm….I almost slept, but human mommy is checking on me. I’ll go home and sleep.

Where is she carrying me?

No, I don’t want to eat. I want to sleep.

I’ll wash myself and go to sleep on a chair. I like chair too.

Oh, I think I’ve slept for so long. I’ll eat and run again.

Human mommy? Where are you?

Oh, she is going. I’ll jump on her leg and then run to the door so she will understand.

Oh, I’m outside again! I think I’ll eat some mice. I’ll see do they run in the grass.

I’m sleepy again. It’s so dark now. And cold.

I’ll go to the door. Human mommy will check on me soon.

I was right. She just checked on me. Back at home.

Hmm…so warm. I think I’ll eat. Crunchy and milk. I like.

Where to sleep now? I’ll go to bed now. If human mommy’s brother is moving too much I’ll go to the table.

He is moving too much. I’m going to the table. It’s nice there and cozy.

What is this light?

Oh, it’s human mommy telling me good night.

Good night human mommy. I love you too.

Mmmm…sleep and then run again.

Well, I just realized my cat has more interesting life than I do!



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