SLP#7: In the eyes of an online friend

For this week’s SLP post I asked an online friend to tell me how he sees me through our chats, what he thinks about me after all those years we know each other.

This is what he said:

You are an honest person who cares about her friends and doesn’t shy away from saying something unpleasant as you have their best interests at heart which makes you a valuable friend to have as God knows there are a lot sycophants who would rather please rather than tell the truth.

Sure it makes it risky for you as you might end up antagonising your friends, but in the end its worth it. With that said I believe you should ease up on yourself. You are a great person and you have to realize that. Belief in oneself and the ability to pick oneself up after being down are the keys to hopefulness if not happiness.

It’s still hard for me to believe such things, but I’m trying.



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