How to be Freshly Pressed?

I was always wondering what it takes to be Freshly Pressed.

I decided to think about ‘rules’ WordPress has created.

1. Write unique content that’s free of bad stuff.

Hmm… aren’t we? 98% of bloggers on WordPress write their own content free of plagiarism, adult content and hate speech.

2. Have a point of view.

In my opinion, WordPress is a ‘home’ for people who have their own opinions and points of view, people who are not afraid to speak their mind. All of us are like that.

3. Don’t be afraid of your voice.

I follow a lot of blogs and each of them is different and special. As for me, every person in the world is special and unique, so are bloggers in here.

4. Paint us a picture.

Most of blogs I had luck to stop by are online journals sharing special moments in lives. Most of pictures posted in the platform are unique photos made by blog owners.

5. Make it easy on the eyes.

I don’t remember seeing any blog which was hard to read. WordPress has a lot of clean and simple themes. Most of bloggers make their content look clear and easy to read.

6. Write a headline we can’t ignore.

It’s not always easy to write a headline to interest everyone. Some people will be intrigued by a specific headline and some won’t. It all depends on personal preferences. Both readers and writers, have their own interests, that’s why some people prefer simple headline, even one worded, and some people will prefer catchy, multi worded headline which is almost a summary of the post.

7. Aim for typo-free content.

I check my posts and headlines many times before I publish it. I’m sure many people do the same. Of course, typos happen, but it’s easy to fix.

What’s my opinion about them?

Honestly, I think only people who are perfect English speakers and have a funny, kind of odd, nature can be Freshly Pressed. I may be wrong, but that’s only my opinion.

I check Freshly Pressed posts from time to time and Daily Post’s ‘What makes a Post Freshly Press-able’ and I noticed people spotlighted there have a unique sense of humor. It’s great, but what about people who are not like this? Who are boring? Who don’t have a colorful imagination?

Also, what about people who are not perfect in English? Native English speakers have their own idioms, their own expressions. I think my English is pretty well. I’ve been learning and speaking it for like 14 years now, which means I speak it for most of my life. Still, I’m not native and I’m not sure if I ever be, unless I move to English speaking country. There I would be forced to speak and hear English 24/7. It will surround me on my every step. There is really low percent of non-English speakers who are perfect in English.

I find myself boring, simple English speaking and not too colorful thinking blogger. I guess this disqualify me as potential Freshly Pressed participant.



3 thoughts on “How to be Freshly Pressed?

  1. You’re not boring! I love stopping by your blog and seeing what you’ve posted 🙂
    Sometimes the posts that are Freshly Pressed aren’t very good, and nobody reacts well to them, so it must just come down to the picker’s individual tastes.
    Often Freshly Pressed people are either brand new to the site, or have been using it for a few years, as a lot of people have pointed out to me.

    It’ll happen to you when you least expect it 😀

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