Since I make my master part time (I have classes every 2-3 weeks on weekend) I don’t like weekends.

For last 3 years weekend was a relax from Warsaw, at home with my cat. From Friday’s evening till Sunday’s afternoon. My life was in the city.

But now, since I didn’t find any job yet, I enjoy free weekdays. I like being almost alone (beside grandfather) for hald of the day watching tv without anyone screaming on my head in the morning/early afternoon and reading a book or watching serieses online in the late afternoon/evening.

Free weekends are so boring for me. I sit in my room all day watching shows online and reading book, but it gets boring after half of the day.

When I was spending only weekends at home, I could watch all shows I missed in the past week, read blogs I didn’t have time to check and play with my cat which I didn’t see for few days.

My life has become worse now. I could stay in Warsaw, but what would I do there? I can’t even watch tv there. I could meet a friend, but I can’t do it everyday for all day. She has her life too. I prefer being bored at home.

I miss those times when I was living in Warsaw and I visted home. Now I live at home and visit Warsaw and it’s driving me crazy!

Why am I so unlucky to find a job in Warsaw? Why?

I hope Santa will bring me a job as a Christmas gift, because I’m not sure how long I can stay sane, yet!



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