21 things to do before the End of the World

  1. Buy as many snacks and beer as possible.
  2. Build your own machine to make electricity so you can play Xbox in shelter.
  3. Get enough underwear to survive Aposalypse. Socks too.
  4. Tell girl/boy you like about your feelings.
  5. Kill all Justin Bieber fans.
  6. Kill your annoying neighbour who always decides to cut grass in the middle of the night.
  7. Make your biggest dream come true. Ride your motocycle around the city naked wearing Superman cape.
  8. Tell your mom you love her.
  9. Watch your favorite series all over again.
  10. Make a road trip all over the country. From McDonald’s to McDonald’s.
  11. Go to church.
  12. Destroy a mailbox of the most hated teacher in high school.
  13. Have as much sex as possible.
  14. Tell your bitchy/asshole friends what you think of them.
  15. Kill them.
  16. Drink vodka everyday.
  17. Watch all porns.
  18. Make your own porn.
  19. Slap this bitch/kick in the balls this asshole who cheated on you.
  20. Hug your tv and computer.
  21. Cry and pray not to die.



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