Rainy day

She sat next to the window looking how rain drops fall on the ground. Her eyes became blurry from all those tears she held for all day. This moment when she walked out his house was the worst moment in her life.

She misses him, but she knows she doesn’t deserve him. Not with her past. All those bad things she has done still follow her. He is too perfect. She is no one.

Those few months she has spent with him were amazing. She felt loved, cared of, safe. She never felt it before. This feeling of being important for someone is warming up and breaking her heart at the same time.

It’s getting late. She has sat there for hours looking through window thinking about him. She didn’t even realize it. She is tired. She lies in bed not wanting to fall asleep. She knows she will see him in her dream.

The moment she closed her eyes she sees his face. His perfect face with this smile. She fell in love with this smile. He is trying to come close to her, but every step forward he takes, something is pushing her back. ‘No, no, no, no! I want to touch him!’ she screams. Few more steps back and she doesn’t feel ground under her feet. He stands on the edge smiling to her looking how she falls.

She wakes up sweaty and barely breaths. She opens her eyes trying to remind where she is. All of sudden she sees someone sitting on her bed. This person holds her hand. She is trying to take it away screaming for help. She hears a familiar voice.

She can’t believe her own eyes. It’s him. He sits on her bed holding and kissing her hand.

‘You won’t run away that easy from me, darling’ he whispers and smiles.



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