Disregard of religions

Press in today’s morning show reminded me of something in association with religion. There is an article in one of polish newspapers about being respectful to other religions by getting rid of everything religious for us (no matter what is our religion).

It reminded me about situation in Poland several years ago about not hanging a cross in classroom (which is in every classroom in Poland since centuries), because it may hurt the feelings of ONE Muslim child in whole school and situation in American University in Cairo whose administration didn’t let Muslim female students to enter campus before they take of hijabs.

There are three points I would like to mention in this post.

First one is if people who grew up in another religion move to Poland or any other country different than their own, why we should adjust ourselves to them? Why we can’t have a cross in classroom if Poland, for example, is 97% catholic? Why Muslim girls can’t wear hijab in the University in their own country just because administration is American?

Let’s look at it from another point. Let’s say I move to an Islamic country where everyone is praying in the afternoon and all women are wearing hijabs and burkas and I work in a company where people do those things I mentioned. Should women stop covering themselves as they do since years? Should they stop praying? Should they put a cross on their wall for me? They won’t do it.

By this, we go to another point. Why Christians have to adjust themselves to Muslim, Jews or anyone else? Why they can’t adjust to us? All Western world want to show how tolerant we are and we forget about our own heritage, our own religion, about our own identity.

Why I, as Christian/Catholic, should feel worse than someone who has a different religion than me? Why I should be obligated to respect others’ feelings? What about my feelings? Christians don’t have one? We want to be able to celebrate our religion as well. We are not worse.

My third, and last point, is about respect. If we should respect other religions in a Christian country, why they can’t respect our, and any other, religion in their countries? Why I can’t travel to few Muslim countries? Why I can’t travel to Israel if I have a stamp from Islamic country? Why I can’t wear clothes which I want in Muslim countries I visit?  Why I can’t show some body without being called a whore? This is how I dress up in my country. Why they don’t respect it?

I have a feeling as if Christians were some evil people and we are obligated to respect others’ feelings, but no one feels obligated to respect our feelings.

Don’t take me wrong, I love Muslim, Jews, Hindu or anyone else. I have friends like this and I don’t care what is their religion as long as they respect me as person and as Christian.

I won’t support taking off crosses in schools in Christian countries, I won’t support forcing Muslim women not to wear hijabs in countries which are not Islamic. If we talk about respect it goes both ways.

Why we can’t celebrate our religion next to another one? Why we have to care about others’ feelings while they don’t care about ours?

I’m not very religious, but I can’t be calm if someone wants to steal my right to celebrate my religion, especially in my own country! I find it very hypocritical. I have to adjust myself to other religions in my own country, but they will never adjust themselves to Christians even if many live there.

I hope people will start respecting others and let them be whoever they are, wherever they are and that they will respect other religion and its signs in country they are, no matter are they Christian, Muslim or Jews.



One thought on “Disregard of religions

  1. Once upon a time I had a view that people need to accommodate and ADAPT to the country in which they have chosen to live and call home. I have spoken to a variety of people from different backgrounds and religion with this view. And needless to say, I am left shamed for thinking that way. Because everyone including yourself is right in saying that everyone should have the freedom to express themselves and present themselves in whichever way they chose to. With regards to religion, its most powerful to followers to conform to their belief. A muslim woman wears a hijab not because the Qu’ran says she has too, but instead, it is a choice she, alone, has made as a way of showing her faith in God. I, now have so much respect for men, woman and children who go about their daily lives, adorned in their faith, carrying themselves religiously despite on-going criticism, endeavoring suspicious & disgusted looks and often being treated differently. And this applies to other instances not of the religious kind. At the end of the day, we are all human. And as humans, we fear the unknown. One can only have faith that people overcome their ignorance and one day, live amongst each other as one.

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