Love the girl

Love the girl who makes you smile. Whenever you see her you will smile and you will laugh at her jokes even if they are not funny. But she is so cute when she does that and you like her like that so you smile from ear to ear.

Love the girl who takes care of you. She will cook for you, give you your medicines and keep you company no matter what plans she had. She will do that even if you don’t want her to.

Love the girl who makes your heart grow. You will feel love in your heart and butterflies in your stomach whenever you see her. You will cherish every moment you spend with her. You will still want more.

Love the girl who surprises you. Everyday with her will be exciting. You will get to know her more day by day and you will never get bored of her.

Love the girl who gets along with your family and friends. You will be glad looking at her chatting with your mom. Your friends will be jealous you have an amazing girl. You will be proud of her.

Love the girl who loves you more than you can imagine.



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