I don’t like alcohol

I admit, I have a drink once in a very rare while, but only when taste of vodka is imperceptible. I won’t also lie it always was like that. I used to drink. But I stopped many years ago.

No one looks interesting or fun while they can’t walk straight or speak properly. Not mentioning the hell the next morning. Headache or stomach revolution is damaging all day. It’s not worth it.

I like to get back home as I left it (on my own feet) and remember everything from the night.

One drink, max two are enough for me. For me it’s cool to have a self control and have fun instead of walking from wall to wall.

Many of you may agree with me that drunk man or woman are not attractive. And well, they are embarassing. If some guy had done it to me I would leave him in club or bar like that and never speak to him again. I bet some of you would do the same.

Men have worse. They can’t leave a woman alone, because they would be called assholes. But I doubt they would like to meet such girl again in their life.

It’s worrying that many teens in these times are drinking regularly and are proud about it. I don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s so cool to be 15 and drunk. They are damaging their young bodies for nothing.

Life without alcohol is more cool and fun. And saves a lot of money.



One thought on “I don’t like alcohol

  1. Good for you, stick with it, don’t lose that self control, it leads to a pretty empty life, trust me I’ve just climbed out that hole.

    Enjoy your life with clear head and full glowing heart.


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