What’s wrong with people?

I sometimes have a feeling that some people think they are the most important in the crowd. I very often want to scream at people in the mall, tram or street.

The most common behaviour that is driving me crazy is walking straight as if there was no one else. I happen to walk into them in purpose and hit their arm. Those people of course won’t move on the way either even if they see you don’t have too much space to move yourself.

Today, when I was in a cinema with my friend, I was sitting next to the most annoying man I’ve ever met in cinema. First, he put his elbow on 1/4 space of my chair and then he kept his leg in the space of my leg! I was like WTF MAN??? I decided not to say a word just kick him all the time or put my feet on his shoe. I wasn’t gentle while doing it either. I hope he will remember not to be a douche bag in public place again.

I’m seriously wondering what those people have in their head? They are not in their houses to behave as if all space they cross by is theirs.

I’m not the type to make a scene in the middle of the street or mall, but I really enjoy poking them. Poking them hard!

I hope such people will learn not to be an idiots, because someday I may lose all nerves I have and just slap them or push them to make them fall. They deserve it already.



2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with people?

  1. ah you hit one of my biggest pet peeves in this post! What about those people that walk in a group occupying the entire sidewalk then they walk slow as heck at that!!! other people have places to go to

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