I hate Warsaw on Friday’s afternoon-evening. People are like ants. They are everywhere. Cars/buses are stuck in few kilometers traffic.

I honestly never cared about it. I don’t use buses. I don’t have a car in Warsaw. My journeys are made by trams and train if I go to college.

But today I cared.

As it usually happens, when there is some accident on tram traction everything is stuck. Of course today it had to happen on my way to the flat!

There was way too long queue of trams in the main center of the city! Just hell! What is worse, four directions were stuck! One of them was my direction!

I waited and waited and since trams were moving 1 tram per 10 minutes I decided to join the traffic to go and take another tram.

Bad decision!

First it took 10 minutes to reach next station, then I walked for next 5 minutes to see that tram I just left is riding along! So then the run started.

Thanks God I caught it!

It took me around 45 minutes to pass 10 mintues route!

I’m tired, pissed off and frustrated. My kebab is cooling down, because I was too pumped to do anything.

It’s time to finally eat it, read a book and relax.




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