Can woman and man be friends?

There are as many opinions about it as many people is on the globe.

What is my answer? Yes, woman and man can be friends.

People who strongly disagree with it, probably never had a good male/female friend. They probably only had some work or school colleagues who they never had any closer relation with.

I had. Because I was bored in high school I became active user of Facebook. In Poland people who ever heard about it, at that time, could be counted on fingers of both hands, that’s why I became friends with foreigners, What’s more, I became friends with guys, not girls.

As online chat was the only way to connect, we spend time just talking. From this time I started being friends with men. When I started playing a social game I met both men and women. But I don’t really keep in touch with any girls right now.


Girls are cheaters. They are nice to people as long as they are useful for them. They can say they love them and the next day forget they existed. When I think about all those years, I have no female friends who I talk to for so long. There is maybe one or two exceptions, who I talk to once per few weeks or months. So I can’t even call it friendship.

Different thing is with men. There are guys I’ve met 5 years ago and I’m still friends with them. Maybe we don’t talk everyday or we don’t share secrets, but many of them proved me that when I need them, they will help me.

There is a difference between girls and guys.

If a guy doesn’t like you, he will tell you. He won’t say he loves you (as friend) if he doesn’t mean it. Maybe even if he doesn’t say it, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Girl will tell you how much she loves you, while at the same time she will say bad things about you behind your back. She will forget you as soon as you don’t lick her ass (my own experience).

Some people say women and men can’t be friends, because they will always end up in bed and it will damage their friendship.

Why so?

Why would sex end friendship? In my opinion, it can only make it stronger.

You probably call me naive or crazy by now. But I’m not.

I have a lot of male friends who I feel attracted to and I would like to see naked in my bed. It doesn’t mean I love them or want a relationship with them.

If there is real friendship, trust and care nothing can destroy it.

And sex? It can only be a spicy add to life for two single people. Call me crazy, but if sex make a bond between lovers, it can only make a bond between friends.

Many people think such relations won’t work. Sex without one of sides falling in love? Impossible!

Well possible. Sure, there are moments man or woman falls in love with their sex friend, but there are also moments that man and woman are only friends and have no deeper feelings for each other.

It’s possible. I know that from my own experience (not that I had a lot of such relations, because I didn’t).

Woman and man not always have to feel attracted to each other.

I have friends who I have no sexual attraction to. Few of them even call me a mom and they are around 10 years older than me. Seems I’m a good friend.

Reffering to an earlier point, men are more trustworthy than woman.

I don’t trust girls. I’ never really did since I found out my best friend since I was born was talking shits about me even when I was walking in front of her.

I’ve never had such problems with men. They are straight and they will say whatever they don’t like. I really appreciate it.

Even though I’m shy, I’m more comfortable around men. When I walk next to a girl I always think she is already thinking how fat or ugly I am.

With men I can flirt, I can have simple chats, I can trust them, I can count on them.

While all those years only men where around me.

Girls pretended my friends and when I wasn’t needed anymore they got rid of me. They were saying how much they love me and in the end they left.

Men really care. They protect you and worry even though they will never say it. They may never say any lovely word to you, but it doesn’t mean they don’t feel.

Men act not talk. Girls talk and don’t act. Do the math.

I would like to have a female friend who I can watch romantic movies with, go shopping, do nails. But seems I’m unlucky. I love my male friends and I know they will stay with me for a long time, at least most of them.




2 thoughts on “Can woman and man be friends?

  1. I agree on the girls, it’s strange to say that cause we’re female too but women are mostly two-faced and don’t really give a sh-t about you. If a male doesn’t want to be your friend then he doesn’t do everything he can to make you belive like he does. When did the female get so mean and insensitive, it’s kinda sad. I don’t want to feel that way and think that women suck and it sucks that we always have to learn the hard way about who to trust! 😦

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