I’m sure everyone has seen a lot of memes about guys being friendzoned. It makes me laugh and think WTF is wrong with you, chicks?

Of course, every girl wants a nice, caring, handsome boyfriend who will respect and protect her. They want someone to have fun with, but also someone who will stand by them in the worst moments and give their shoulder to cry on.

My question is, why the same girls who dream about such men, choose assholes?

I’m tired of seeing and hearing complains about no good guys around. Hello? Are you blind, bitch?

I want to slap such girls. Most likely with a stinky fish. Want to date assholes? Go ahead! Just stop bitching about that and asking where are nice guys. Right behind you, idiot!

I think that because such girls, good guys become assholes as well. Girls will run after them, will stick to them by a glue and look at them as heros even though they don’t do anything legal.

Poor good guys end up being best friends in the ‘best’ case. When they offer a girl a relation they are being rejected and laughed at! Five minutes later those girls cry to their female friends that there are no good guys to date.


Where this world is going?

Dear nice guys, please stay as you are and find nice girls to date, instead of stupid bitches. You wouldn’t like to date them anyway.



5 thoughts on “WTFriendzoned?

  1. hahahahahha !! “I want to slap such girls. Most likely with a stinky fish. ” you made my day !!
    you are so right about it πŸ˜€

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