A letter to my ex best friend

Dear J.,

We were not best friends. We were sisters.

I was glad I met you.

We were doing everything together.

Thanks to you I felt happy.

We were that close as I never was with anyone.

But then you met Him.

You changed.

I didn’t like it, but I tolerated him. For you.

If we didn’t live together I wouldn’t even know are you alive.

When we both moved out I’ve never seen you again.

I called. You didn’t pick up.

We promised each other we will always stay friends.

What happened to your word?

We were supposed to be best friends forever.

I didn’t even know you got married and had a baby.

It broke my heart.

Then seems you listened to him.

You got rid of me.

Your sister. Your soulmate.

I hope you at least stay in touch with your family.

Because of him you turned your back even from them.

I loved you so much. I hate you even more now.

Or I hated.

You mean nothing to me.

I hope you are happy.

You are dead for me.




9 thoughts on “A letter to my ex best friend

  1. That’s so sad. I can also relate.
    While it hurts so much to lose a close friend, someone who you thought you’d be friends with forever, for your own healing you have to make peace with the situation, which is sounds like you are working towards (good for you!).
    It’s much easier to be philosophical about it in hindsight, but what helps me is to realize that some people will always come in and out of your life, everyone deals with their own “stuff” and if you can see the positives of what they bring into your life then you can minimize the pain you feel when they are no longer there.
    You are beautiful and brave for sharing xx

  2. the boyfriend story is so damn true, i dunno y is it tht girls forget their best friends when they get their boyfriends???? guys never do tht…they never leave their buddies , which is why more often its the girl complaining “you spend more time with your friends”….cz yeah she has given up her own life….i have so many friends who did that to me …its sad but girls are the biggest enemies of girls!

  3. wow that’s really sad! If it’s so, someday she will wake up and feel completly empty. Sorry, this is not love, this is jail! Love is freedom! I’m sad to read you “lost” you bff, despite acknowledging that you write very well!

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