My comfort zone

Many people see me as an arrogant and cold person. They think my silence is caused by that while I’m only shy. The truth is that I feel safe on distance.

I’m like a hawk flying around and watching. When I feel comfortable I come closer.

I have my bubble which is pink and pretty and I like floating on foam inside it.

I know I have a wall around me. It protects me. In the past I trusted too easy or got involved too fast and I ended up hurted. No matter are we talking about friendships or relationships.

I actually like this wall. It shows me who really cares to break into it and see the real me. I don’t care do people see me as arrogant or bitchy. If they believe first impressions I’m not interested in having them in my life anyway.

I know I sometimes judge too fast as well, but I always give chances to other people. No matter what I have thought about them few minutes earlier.

I also want to tell you, my dear readers, that I know I’m not ‘too active’ on your blogs and I may not like or comment on every post you make, but believe me, I always read them. I’m not the type who comments on everything they read. I’m silent and I’m rather a thinker than a talker. I follow your blogs, because they interest me and somehow teach me new things or different points of view. I cherish your posts and I’m glad I had chance to drop by your blogs and stay.

My silence is not my weakness. I treat it as a value sometimes. I rather stay silent, analyze and be myself than pretend someone I’m not to gain attention. I prefer people to dislike me for who I am than like me for who I’m not.



5 thoughts on “My comfort zone

  1. i am like you too and its always sad that even though your ready to give people a second chance , nobody else is willing to give u a second chance, it really hurts but …..i guess most people are like that

    • Unfortunately, you are right. I’ve always given a second, third, etc. chance to people and when I made something wrong, the same people turned their back from me without even letting me to explain. It really hurts, but most of people are egoists and I’m afraid it won’t change anytime soon.

  2. Touching words, I especially like the image of a powerful silent hawk circling for a world it wishes to enter. However, if I may be so bold as to venture an opinion, one should not hesitate, occasionally, to build upon oneself in a positive way. Occasional breaking silence, when confident and within the bounds of good people, can give rocket ship boosts of confidence and confirmations of self and identity. Walls may be both strong and elastic when created in one’s mind. Perhaps!

    • You know, it’s so easy to say to break silence and be confident, but it’s very hard to do so. People like me will understand it’s a long journey to get out of our shells. Comparing me now and few years ago, it’s a huge change already. Thank you for your words.

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