Hello, November!

Uff… Time passes so fast! Just 5 minutes ago we welcomed October and now it’s already November. When did that happen? I think I got lost in time.

As it always happens, we start a new month with, I’m not sure is it sad or happy day, All Saints Day. Everyone, and by everyone I mean priests as I’m talking about Catholic holiday, says that today is a happy day.

When I look at people in the street I see something else. Everyone is wearing dark clothes, they are serious and quiet. Everything seems as if we should be sad.

In other cultures people make parties on graves! Why aren’t we?

Polish nation seems to like to be sad. I don’t know where it comes from.

At least young people enjoy Halloween! It’s not like we actually celebrate it here, which we don’t. Pumpkins are not the most purchased items. I saw 1 person buying it! There are no scary decorations in malls and around houses. Kids don’t do ‘trick or treat’. It’s rather commercial celebration to make theme parties, especially for all those people living in Poland who celebrated Halloween in their mother countries.

I, personally, am not really into it. If I ever get an invitation for some Halloween party I may get some costume and have fun this day, but otherwise ,October the 31st is a normal day for me.

If you are one of those who celebrate Halloween (which you probably are), I hope you had an amazing time and have a great month ahead, everyone!




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