A dream

She opened her eyes. It was a lovely, sunny early morning. She felt gentle wind on her face coming through opened window. She enjoys this. She is in her dream place with a dream man.

She turns around. He is still sleeping. He looks like an angel. His breath is slow and calm. She gently caresses his face. She loves his stubble.  It’s soft and tickles her fingers. She could stare at him all day long.

Her touch woke him up. He holds her hand relaxing on his cheek and kisses it saying: ‘Good morning, my love’. Her heart dances whenever she hears him saying it.

He slowly strokes her face, hair, shoulder and pushes her closer to him. He keeps her in his arms so she can lie her head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat.

She loves his smell. He loves to touch her soft skin.

They lie down relaxed and happy. They enjoy the moment of their happiness.

She puts her head up to look at him. She loves to look into his hypnotizing brown eyes. He gives her smile in return. He puts a sweet kiss on her forehand and her nose. Then he slowly kisses her lips tasting every inch of it. He would give up everything for her lips.

She loves his kisses. Her world stops that moment and only he exists. She tries to move, but her lips are not letting her to stop this magic moment.

They could cuddle for hours. She loves to be hidden in his strong arms. He loves to protect her.

They are a perfect couple. That perfect that it’s hard to believe it can be true.

They love each other.

When he touches her hand which was caressing his chest, she feels warmth. Warmth of his love and care.

He tries to say something. Something she was waiting for. Something important.

She wakes up. Was it only a dream? She turns around and smile looking at her man. Yes, it was only a dream. But it’s also her reality.



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