I can’t say I liked this day. I woke up to snowing! I hate snow. Especially in October! And as I had to travel to the other side of city while there was snow storm I hate this day even more. I unfortunately had to, because we had 2 projects to make for college.

This view is nice only from the window.

I at least could wear my lovely red jacket from H&M!

Hot tea is always good in such days.

My feet were freezing so it was nice to wear my cute socks.

I’m still freezing as windows in my room are not leaky! Duh! I’m wondering how I’ll survive winter if I don’t find a way to clog it!



3 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. i feel the same way about rain in Manila. It is only nice if you are indoors and you can sip hot coco or tea and stay in the warmth of your covers… but if you need travel, no no no way!

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