Don’t stop looking for your dream love

Many people settle for the love they have, because they are afraid they will stay alone. They agree for the life they have, because they don’t know the future.

I know that by my own experience. I stuck to relations, because I was afraid I’ll be alone. As everyone I want to share my life with someone, have a family and be happy. But sometimes we settle for safe life instead of happy life.

There are a lot of unhappy people getting divorced after many years of marriage. They realize in the end this is not what they dreamt about. They get courage to fight for their happiness late. Not too late, but late. They could do it much earlier.

Why people stick to what they have? Why they don’t have a courage and faith to fight for what they really want?

I think people are scared. We don’t know what future gives. We don’t know when we will find our dream love. Maybe it will be when we are 20, 30 or maybe even 60. Either way, it’s worth to wait.

I realized after relations I had that this is not what I want. I want crazy, passionate and real love. I don’t want to settle for something average. I believe every person will find their perfect match. Sooner or later it will happen.

Even though I’m rather a pessimist, I’m love optimist. I believe it will come to me. I just need to be patient. Everyone needs to be.



5 thoughts on “Don’t stop looking for your dream love

  1. My mom said to once that maybe all my relationships are going bad cause there is a special someone waiting for me. And she was right! I was lucky to find my true love in very early age but I always was a strong beliver in true love! There is a time for everything and your true love is probably waiting for the right moment to come so you both we’ll be ready 🙂

  2. Yes! Keep the faith!! This post so resonated with me!! Thank you!! I’ve intentionally been single the last two years & it has allowed me to clear my mind, be reflective, determine how or why relationships failed, and ultimately open my heart for the very kind of love you aspire to one day!! I’ve also learned that we accept the love we feel we deserve!! When we believe we deserve better THEN we obtain a better love!! Great post!! xo

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