SLP#2: Good will

It’s time for the next Self Love Project post. I was thinking for the last few days what I like in myself. Another good value in me is having a good will.

I remember all bad things people have done to me. But I forgive. I believe people are good and they deserve another chance. Sometimes it turns aganist me, but I’ll never stop being like this.

Also, even if I fight with a friend and we don’t speak to each other I’ll forget everything and be there for them when they just needs it. I’m not the kind of person to push away people I’m mad at when they need me.

I’m sure many people use such sitatuations and just use people with a good will. I many times suffered, because I believed that someone is a good person and in the end our relation became toxic.

Even though all those bad moments, I’ll never change. I’ll always be this wiser person to forget if someone apologizes me. If more people were like that, world could be a one, happy place.



One thought on “SLP#2: Good will

  1. Very true Anouska, I feel the same way. A lot has wronged me in the past but that doesn’t mean that I can’t forgive. Forgiveness opens up a different level of ourselves. What matters is what we learn from our experience and how we grow as a person.

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