I hate being worse friend

I give my heart to each and every of my friends. Usually they are men as I get on better with them. They have other friends, obviously, but I’m the one who is still there after years.

They have a crush on some girl every now and then. They love her, only talk to her and only trust her. It would be fine if they didn’t change a girl every few months.

I always was patient, I was in the shadow and I was always there whenever they needed me.

But I deserve more. Maybe it’s bad to expect more from what people can give me, but sometimes it’s just too much for me to handle.

Once upon a time I was their friend who they could trust with everything. Their problems were my problems and I was leaving everything to help them.

It hurts to hear after that they don’t need me anymore. Of course they won’t say that straight, but it’s easy to notice it.

They didn’t realize yet I’m one of those people who will always be there. Always. Even if we don’t talk for weeks, months or even years.

They pass by new girl all the time and they don’t care about anything else. It’s funny, because they always come back to me. Those who don’t are stupid or will come back anyway. They always do.

Am I not worth to have at least one friend who will appreciate me? Who will still call me a friend even if we don’t talk for a while?

I would like to meet someone who feels like me.



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