A day in bed

I hate being sick! What more, I hate being sick + having period at the same time! The worst thing that can happen to a woman (me at least)!

I’ll spare you the dirty details, but I woke up very early in a very bad condition running to a bathroom to check am I not dying. As I mentioned in another Sunday’s post, I really hate Sundays and today I hate it even more.

I’m sleepy and half dead all the time. I have no energy to even get up. It’s going to be a ‘Let me die in my bed, please’ day.

I have my raspberry juice with me, Leona hunting and eatting flies not to bother mommy and a shitbook…. uh hmm…. I mean notebook, of course, where I’ll try to watch some serieses from last week. Just after a nap!

I wish you all a more happy Sunday than mine is!



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