That awkward moment when you confess your feelings

I’ve always been shy. Always. I was too shy to even say what I think around friends or read my homework in front of class. Uff I was more shy than you can imagine. I’m still shy, but way less than I used to.

The only thing I’m still so shy about is sharing my feelings. Especially with a guy I have a crush on.

I’m not the dream of any guy so it’s even more hard. I actually did it only once.

It was few years ago, I think I was still in high school then. I talked to this guy a lot, like really a lot.  And then BOOM! I fell for him. I wasn’t in love as he lived in other country, but I really really really liked him. I never planned to tell him that I like him ‘THIS WAY’, but something was forcing me to do it. I gathered up the courage for a few weeks before I confessed to him what I feel.

I was so stressed and shaking when I was writing a message to him. I think I was even crying! It’s too stressful. I remember I was so embarassed when he wrote to me after I sent my letter to him. He was talking as if nothing happened and I thought I’ll die. Thankfully I didn’t see him face to face then or I would ran away and hide.

As you may guess, he rejected me. He said he likes me, but he just finished a relation few months back and he doesn’t want to involve with anyone for now, especially on long distance.

We remained friends, but unfortunately after a while our ways just didn’t cross anymore.

It was the one and only moment when I confessed my feelings to anyone. I was think our friendship wasn’t the same anymore.

I’m not sure if I ever dare to confess my feelings first. Maybe someday when I meet the right guy.



3 thoughts on “That awkward moment when you confess your feelings

  1. Keep your head up, Take your time to know you, that shyness is your blessing and curse my friend. It will just take sometime to balance it all I believe. I too am shy, or at least I was. Now I hit a point where I must remind myself to be silent. It’s like a door opened and I was like. Time to unload. Take it easy Anouska.
    Carlie xoxo

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