We all lie

We  put a smile on the face while we break into pieces inside.

We hold hands on the street while our relation has ended.

We pretend happy while pain slowly kills us.

We support our friends while we are the ones who need help.

We say we don’t drink while we drink a bottle of wine alone.

We laugh around people while we cry to a pillow when we are alone.

We act in love while we fight all night at home.

We say ‘I’m fine’ while we can’t stand sadness anymore.

We live a royal life while we barely make ends meet.

We all lie. We lie to ourselves. We lie to everyone.

Don’t be affraid to admit something is wrong.

Don’t suffer alone. Let others be by your side.



5 thoughts on “We all lie

  1. I would like to link this to a few of my own post, and of course help you add to your ever growing followers. I think too believe in the ‘shame game’. And through others, (your writings and others) We can all slowly; Patiently! Grow. I enjoyed this post.

  2. I can relate. I want to deal of some issues on my own. But I do share the load if something is wrong that I can’t handle on my own. Lovely thoughts Anushka!

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