The colors of my life

World without colors would be gray. Gray clothes, gray cars, gray houses, gray movies. Colors make our lives more fun and interesting. What are my favorite colors which make my life better?

Red. It’s my favorite color. It’s the color of passion, love, spagetti and pizza souce, strawberries, raspberry juice. It makes me on fire.

Pink. I would make everything pink if I could (within reason of course). I like pink heels, pink lips, pink nails, pink eye shade. It makes me feel like a princess.

Orange. It’s the most energetic color for me.  It’s the color of energetic drinks, orange juice. It makes me feel full of energy.

Yellow. It’s the nicest color. It’s the color of sun, lemon juice, sand on the beach. It makes me feel relaxed.

There are many things I like what can be any of those colors or even more. What are they? Jelly, jelly beans, gums, drinks, warm sweaters worn on winter day, cookies, cakes, sunshade on the beach, funny fish, autumn trees, lines in notebook, flowers, lights, graffiti, milkshakes and many others things I forgot about.

Those colors make me feel alive. They exist in my daily life in anything I do.  They affect me more than I even noticed. It gives me an energy, a smile, a good mood. Fall is the best season to celebrate colors. There is no other time in the year where world is so colorful and beautiful.

It’s unbelievable how a color can affect someone’s life. Imagine your life full of white, gray and black. Now imagine your life full of colors of rainbow. See the difference? I’m not in the best mood lately that’s why I try to surround myself with colors I mentioned above.



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