SLP#1: Heart

When I was thinking about my first Self Love Project post, it was clear what I’ll write about.

The name of my blog comes from somewhere. It’s not just a random url.

My heart is really glowing. It has love and support for everyone who needs it. It gives me a lot of pain, but it’s the most valuable feature I have.

It doesn’t hate, it has a compassion for everyone, it doesn’t distinguish between friend or stranger.

I suffer a lot, because of people I gave my heart to and who didn’t appreciate it. I don’t expect love for love, care for care. I at least expect a respect, which I don’t get.

I cry with others, I feel their happiness or pain. I’m there for anyone who thinks I can help them, no matter are those my friends or people I passed on the street.

I’m proud I have my heart full of love. Despite all pain, I would never trade it for anything.



4 thoughts on “SLP#1: Heart

  1. Hi Anouska. I understand how the heart is vulnerable when we open it to just anybody. I can relate to your glowing heart description. While you are brave, wearing your heart on your sleeves, I’m not as brave as you I believe. Sometimes I feel I’m cynical and I always question other people’s intention. I love your writing style. I’ve tried this before back in 2007 and now I stopped. I try to add in personal insights on things I blog about but only in general form. Keep on blogging like you do. Subscribed to your FB Fan Page because I’m always there. LOL! Take care you! =D

    • I’m not that brave either. My heart lives its own life while my brain always thinks people are playing with me and lying. I’m quiet good in feeling people’s intensions, but I sometime lose control and regret it after. Thank you for your kind words! xoxo

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