Real friends

As old adage says: ‘Friends meet in poverty’. I agree with this sentence.

I had few situations to see who my real friends are. Either I needed mental or financial help. Of course, mental help is more common than financial one. The last one I only need lately, for new laptop.

I noticed that some people liked me only when I was in good mood, I was funny and sweet. When I was in bad mood and I wasn’t that nice anymore there was no one to support me. Actually there still is no one. Telling me ‘I’m here if you need help’, ‘you can always talk to me’, etc. mean nothing. If you really wanted to help me you wouldn’t say to let you know when I need. You would just be there for me.

Do people only like fun, chit chats and good mood? If someone isn’t in the best condition everyone turns around from them? Why does it happen?

Seems people don’t want any serious friendships with anyone. I remember when I was very fun person I had dozens of friends. When my life reached a diffucult time most of people I knew just disappeared.

I hope it will change soon. I would like to have at least 1 real friend who I could count on and feel comfortable to share everything with .



3 thoughts on “Real friends

  1. that’s the sad truth that nobody wants to recognize anymore
    that’s life for you but i believe if you look hard enough
    you will find a few good ones

  2. It’s been a while that I noticed that friendship in these days means nothing. It seems to be caused by the crises all over the world., People are stressed and everyone stands for them,selves only to survive., I personally don’t see how this should stop any friendship instead we should stay together more than ever. People become more self centered every day and it’s a real shame cause I’ve always belived strongly in real friends and friendships that last for lifetime.

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