Time machine

I wish there was a time machine so we can travel to the past and learn some values from other generations. When I see teens looking like grown up women or men treating women as things I’m affraid we go into wrong direction.

Men could learn how to be knights. How to be honest, righteous, protective, how to be a gentleman and respectful.

Women could learn how to be ladies. How to be helpful, mysterious, well behaved, how to be appropriately dressed and humble.

In these times, people are judged by and care about material things. As I wrote in one of my previous posts, person’s value is based on what kind of clothes they wear or model of their car. Men became assholes and women sluts.

Where are those times where material things didn’t matter? Where are the times where people cared about good reputation?

They say history likes to repeat. I hope in this case it will repeat too.




3 thoughts on “Time machine

  1. In all honesty,the ladies and gentlemen have changed dramatically with no chance of reverting back to better manners.Thanks in part to modern technology.But,it would be very refreshing if attitudes did change,for the better.

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