Self Love Project

I’m tired of feeling sad and depressed. I’m tired of proving people I’m different than they think. I’m tired of being treaten worse than I deserve.

I’m done with it. I’ll stop caring about what other people think of me. It’s time to care about how I feel and think about myself.

It’s time for Self Love Project.

It’s time to love myself, physically and mentally, and stop being touched by negative comments towards me. I want to be as strong as I used to be and feel happy with myself.

That’s why I decided to start weekly project called Self Love. Every Wednesday I’ll make a post about positives in me in every aspect. It will also be a diary to my journey to make me love the way I look.

I don’t know how long it will take. Maybe few weeks, maybe few months or maybe few years. I just hope I’ll someday make a post saying ‘I achieved happiness’.

If anyone feels the same I would be glad if you joined me in my journey. We can support and help each other.

It’s time to start being happy!



12 thoughts on “Self Love Project

  1. omg!!! I am really spooked out right now..I was having an interesting day (I wont necessarily call it bad) so I decided to let loose on my blog…and then I found your post…very similar to what I wrote again! Unfortunately I wish I could count my positives with you every Wednesday but I have always had a hard time accepting compliments or even stating my good qualities to anyone. You should totally do this and I’ll read them every wednesday maybe I’ll get enough courage to do something like this one day hahaha…go on girl show these people the real you! Stand tall and proud šŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much, hun! I also don’t like to hear compliments, because I never know how to reply for them šŸ˜€ Would be cool if someday you joined me! xoxo

  2. Good luck (:
    I’ve learnt along the way not to care anymore about negative comments, but I haven’t completely found a way to love myself yet. But I’m getting there !
    Don’t give up šŸ˜‰
    xoxo Grace

  3. from the cradle to the grave,we all seek to grasp happiness,be it within or around us.May your own journey be lined with baskets of hope and love.May your dreams be soft and filled with beautiful hues until they come to life.

  4. It’s a really nice initiative and thanks for sharing it with us. I’m sure you will feel better soon thanks to so many lovely people here on wordpress who will help you love yourself more.

    I don’t think anyone ever “achives happiness”, it’s all about making the best from even the worst moments and not forgetting that after the rain sun ALWAYS comes out (unless the world ends :D)

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