The man of your dreams

The man of your dreams gives you flowers without occasion.

The man of your dreams wakes you up with ‘I love you’.

The man of your dreams holds your hand on the street.

The man of your dreams shows everyone you are his.

The man of your dreams kisses you in front of his friends.

The man of your dreams is patient.

The man of your dreams takes you out for romantic dinners.

The man of your dreams always has time for you.

The man of your dreams listens to you.

The man of your dreams watches romantic movies with you.

The man of your dreams doesn’t check on girls.

The man of your dreams exists, but not the way you want him to be. He will make you happy, he will make you safe, he will make you lose your breath. There is a man perfect for you, but it doesn’t mean he is perfect. Be with someone who makes you feel loved and important. Make him the man of your dreams.



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