Fake promises

I hate, hate, hate, hate and hate fake promises! I don’t understand why people say they will do something and they don’t do it in the end?

I may be abnormal or something, but when I make a promise I’m not able not to keep my word.

I noticed people make promises, regardless it’s about small or bigg thing, then they disappear thinking people will forget about their words and in the end they come back as if nothing happened.

What’s the point in making promise and not fulfilling it? First of all you lie, second of all you hurt people and third of all you are not trustworthy anymore.

Maybe I overreact, but I’m mad if someone doesn’t keep their word no matter is it about calling me in the evening or borrowing me money. Fine, if they didn’t call me once and then called in the morning to apologize or they told me that in the end they are not able to borrow me money. But promising and then no word of explaination is not acceptable for me.

I need to point that I’m not talking here about single situation someone didn’t keep their word, but then they apologized and explained. Such things happen. Something, not depending on us, may happen unexpectedly.

In this situation assertiveness could be used. You really want to help someone or do something for them, but you don’t know if you are able to do it or you have some doubts? Say it! I prefer to hear ‘NO’ instead of fake promise which will only hurt or piss me off.



5 thoughts on “Fake promises

  1. Oh that’s bloody effing annoying. I’ve learned not to keep promises too because I know I never end up fulfilling them. I do know how it feels like to expect that promise to be done and fulfilled. All you need to do is to learn to be skeptical with people who promises. People who don’t promise typically try their hardest to do it, if not, well… at least they are honest.

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