Dammit, fingers! Listen to the brain!

I’m watching tv, reading a magazine or playing with my cat and idea for a post comes to my head. I know exactly what I want to write. Then I sit at laptop to write and…blank page.

I still know what I want to write, it’s all in my head. But I’m not able to type it the way I want.

It’s not because of language.  I know my English skills are not perfect, but my brain thinks in English since years.

What’s the problem then? I have no idea.

It also happened when I was writing my thesis. I’ve read something what I wanted to use in it and when I had perfect chapter in my head, it didn’t ended up the same on paper. Fortunately, I got the highest grade for it, but I remained unsatisfied.

Even right now, I write something else than what was in my head.

It’s very frustrating and annoying. If any of you have some advices how to break this wall, please let me know!





7 thoughts on “Dammit, fingers! Listen to the brain!

  1. Write anything that comes to mind. Even if it’s just a few words. I have a public blog and also a private blog for things that won’t makes sense to anyone else (yet). Do not feel the urge to create a perfect product on the first go-around. 🙂

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