Why people became superficial?

I’m wondering what happened with this world that value of person is judged by the prize of their clothes or model of their car. Where are the times that people were valued by their knowledge?

It’s driving me crazy when I see ‘barbies’ looking down at people who wear normal not designer clothes or groups of ‘stylish’, spoiled kids laughing at less fortunate colleagues, because they don’t have the latest phone.

There are also many people who pretend someone else to suit those ‘popular groups’. They pretend they have money to eat in the best restaurants, go to the best clubs or the best clothes. In the end, they are drowning in debt.

When will it end? When people will be valued by their knowledge, intelligence or experience? When money will stop being the most important?

In this rat race people seem to lose themselves. All they care about is money and they forget what really matters. Money will eventually end and what then? What if between you lose family?

I hope that the world will come back on the right track or I can’t imagine what will happen to it!




6 thoughts on “Why people became superficial?

  1. Why is it everytime I come here to check your blog out you seem to be a polish twin of me? lol I wrote about something similar yesterday! But anyhow it is sad that dressing up and buying luxuries has became a thing for show and impressions instead of doing it for yourself. I dress every morning not because I want people to stare at me but because the girl looking back at me in the mirror feels confident and thats all that matters 🙂 greaaaaat post! Keep writing chica!!

  2. This is a really good post! I recently posted something similar (well kind of in the category of ranting : wants & needs) & I don’t get it either. I’ve always been taught to save up my money & if I want to buy something I can. But when I go and buy something I don’t buy it to fit in with the cool kids, I buy it because I like it. And that’s where a lot of youngsters go wrong already, they buy things (or their parents buy things for them) so that they fit in with the big crowd.

    xoxo Grace

  3. Totally agree.
    We used to have ‘casual days’ at school sometimes where we didn’t have to wear our uniforms, but I grew up quite poor so never had nice casuals while all the other girls did. However now that I’m older I’m a smarter shopper, and usually get my money’s worth instead of just buying anything.
    I will never understand people who get credit cards and buy stuff to the point of crippling debt. But then, I’m naturally a saver. Saving for the bigger things is better.

    One day we won’t be ruled by money, I hope!
    Awesome post 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 I always think for few days before I buy anything. I don’t like to spend money for something I don’t need.Plus I don’t buy any fancy clothes, cosmetics, etc. I prefer simple and natural look.

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