Young age crisis

I don’t know what is going on with me lately. I feel strange. I can’t even name it. I cry every 5 minutes without a reason. It feels like my body is going through some crisis.

I would gladly spend my life in bed in parents’ house without even going out anywhere. As I love Warsaw I don’t want to be there anymore. What the hell brain?

I’m not sure is it caused by a failure in looking for a job, bad luck which killed my cat and laptop or return of my depression.

I don’t know what to do with my life at this point. Should I keep looking for a job in Warsaw and make master or accept my friend’s offer to take a break from everything and leave Poland for a while or even forever?

I hope my mind gets stable soon or I will get crazy. This situation is making me tired mentally and physically.



4 thoughts on “Young age crisis

  1. Sometimes all you need is to take a break from your everyday routine and regain back some of that long lost energy.
    Maybe what you’re looking for in life isn’t in Warsaw, or perhaps if you leave for a while you find out that everything you want & need is in fact in Warsaw. Don’t make hasty decisions!


    • Actually I know Warsaw and all Poland is not ‘my place’. I really love Warsaw, but I don’t want to live there for all my life. My dreams never considered Poland.

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