Negatives and positives of being an adult


  • you can’t spend your parents’ money anymore
  • you have to clean and cook by yourself
  • you need to earn your own money for alcohol/cigarettes/drugs
  • you can’t run around a city drunk and naked
  • you don’t have summer/winter/christmas vacation
  • you have to wear underwear
  • you can’t sleep at work
  • you will go to jail instead of your house when you piss off policemen
  • food won’t magically find a way to your pet’s bowl anymore
  • bills will be issued on your name


  • you can drink legally
  • you don’t have to be home at 10pm
  • you don’t need to lock door to watch porn
  • you can go for a concert without being good for last two weeks
  • you can walk around house naked whenever you want
  • you can have a drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • you can go to a club every night
  • you can invite guys/girls to stay over in your bed
  • you can smoke weed at home
  • you can scream while having sex

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