A story about a little girl

Somewhere in the 90s there was a girl who lived in a country which no one heard about. She was a happy and shy little, cute girl. She had a head full of dreams and innocent smile.

She was the only child so she spent time with her pets. She had a few of dogs and cats. She has loved them truly and cried for days when they left to the heaven.

She has always been happy, she liked to watch birds and play with frogs. She helped snails to cross a road.

She was wondering why sky is blue, why clouds are fluffy and why God cries so much during Fall. She has lived in her bubble, in her happy world.

She had a dream she lived with the longest. She was only few years old and she dreamt to write a book. She even tried when her age number contained two numbers.

But this dream died during growing up. She stopped being this happy little girl. The bubble burst. She had bad thoughts to end her short life.

For the outside world she had everything. In the inside she was crying. For all her life she was craving for love. She didn’t understand why her parents don’t love her. She thought she is unwanted. She wanted a little sister to love and get love from. She has got a brother, but it wasn’t the same.

She has suffered as no one ever should. All she wanted was support, love and care. Is it too much?

Where is she now? She grew up, she tries to be happy as when she was a little girl. She wants to enjoy everything as she used to. She dreams about book again. Maybe someday she will write one if she improves her skills.

She is not the same girl anymore, but she wants to be this little girl again.



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