What ‘I love you’ means?

Lately it seems those words mean nothing. People use it without even meaning it.

When I dare to tell a friend or a man ‘I love you’ I mean it. I would never tell anyone this if I didn’t feel it.

I don’t understand it. Why people lie about love? To use others? To gain some benefits?

I’ve been told by some people that they love me. I believed them, but then I realized it was a lie. They were telling this to everyone and then talked bad things about them behind their back. Probably they did the same to me.

In this hypocritical world I thought there are still some values, but many people have none. I watch people on my Facebook and I can’t believe some of them are for real. Their love to everyone is making me sick.

I sometimes think I live in some parallel reality. I have values, I don’t lie, especially about love, I don’t use people. Most of people I know are opposite of me. Nothing in them is real.

I hope someday society will change. I hope that values will be worth something and people worth a trust.



4 thoughts on “What ‘I love you’ means?

  1. Damn it is true….. I know a lot of guys who throw those three words to me like it is just some food…. why the hell it is so easy for them? well atleast the foods are much more tasty than their I LOVE YOU 😛

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