Top 5 Fall Things

I’m not fan of 2nd part of year. I hate cold and rain . But I can’t run away from it (for now at least) so as they say ‘If you can’t win it, join it’.

What are my favorite Fall things?

  • Latte

When days are hot or warm I drink only iced coffee. While it’s cold I love to start my day with coffee (but only from cafe shops)!

  • Evenings with book/movie under blanket

Nothing relaxes better than calm evening in bed with good book or movie with pack of jelly.

  • Colorful sweaters

Obviously in hot days I would melt so when fall starts I love looking for them!

  • Cuddles in cold mornings

I don’t have any boyfriend so I only cuddle my cat when I’m home.

  • Heeled shoes and wedges

Maybe it’s strange, but I wear only flat shoes in Spring and Summer.

What are your favorites?



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Fall Things

  1. I love fall. Summer here is very humid and not enjoyable. I look forward to warm cozy sweaters, long walks with my favourite latte. Cuddles are good anytime anywhere 🙂 And I LOVE to cook and bake now that the weather is colder. ❤

  2. My top5 lately are: cuddling with Aki (our ragdoll kitten), spending time w/ my fiancé, cooking w/ my roommate, swimming, and working as an office lady 🙂 Cuddles are good anytime, don’t you agree?

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