When my bad luck will finish?

Last few months were too unlucky for me.

I can’t find any job , my laptop damaged and my cat died.

In October I start master and I’m wondering how I’ll write my thesis. Also laptop was my only source of entertainment in Warsaw. I watch serieses and movies on it, I read news, blogs and write many things.

As I don’t have job I don’t have money for new laptop and other things. I still depend on parents and I don’t feel too good with it.

I thought my cat’s death was the only bad thing which happened to me, but seems I was wrong.

I hope my bad luck will end soon.

It makes me depressed more and more…



7 thoughts on “When my bad luck will finish?

  1. Dear, I feel you, but do not worry, as Bob Marley said “everything’s gonna be alright” Please continue to smile and just write your thoughts away as much as you can. Expressing ourselves through blogging releases stress πŸ™‚ Joycey

  2. Feel for you deary. Can stress with you on the job situation too – I have been looking for months and not anywhere further forward.
    Hope things pick up for you soon!

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