Somebody that I used to know

I have a lot of such people. Once upon a time we were friends and now they are just people I know or even less.

In many cases I f*cked up. I was very mean for a while and few friends left. Do I regret? A bit. I miss some of them, but I know soon I’ll stop. I’ll meet new people who will replace old friends.

People come and go. It’s normal and I’m used to it now. I have friends who I know for years and will stay friends with them for next few years. Rest just teach me something new and then leave.

In few cases I fought for friendships, but seems it was only important for me. I was mad at the beginning, but I got over it. If someone doesn’t want me in their life, it’s their loss.

Despite my shyness , I like meeting new people. I like this feeling of getting to know someone and eventually becoming friends or going our ways in the end.

I know I’ll meet a lot of people yet who will leave something in my life. I can’t wait for this.



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