Letter to my ex

Dear Ex,

Before I became yours you treated me like a princess.

You gave me attention, love and care.

You tried for me for a very long time.

When I finally agreed to be your girlfriend you changed.

You treated me as thing.

You disappeared for weeks and didn’t return my texts.

You showed up and demanded love without a word of explaination.

When I said no, you disappeared again.

You destroyed me.

You changed me.

I’m not the same happy person anymore.

Even though 4 years passed, I didn’t come back to who I was. Yet.

You hurted me, but I want to thank you.

You taught me something.

I don’t regret being with you.

I learnt on this mistake.

I don’t let any man to treat me like you did.

I’m stronger, I know my value and I know what I deserve.

Thank you for this experience.

My angryness passed.

I don’t blame you anymore.

I’ll be happy again. I’m getting there.

I hope you will treat your girlfriends better than me.

I wish you all the best.



7 thoughts on “Letter to my ex

  1. You know what, at this point in time, I actually thanked my ex’s for hurting me and letting me ‘feel’ the pain. They made me stronger than before, and I believe you are now 🙂 Let go and Love again. ♥

  2. Letting go is hard, moving on is easy when you love yourself and continue loving others around you. Heart break is all part of the human experience.

    I think it was Shakespeare who said I would rather have been in love than never have loved at all. (paraphrasing)

    You have a good heart and you will be fine. My wife and I are soulmates and are truly blessed after 17 years of marriage. We married young and are still in love! 🙂 Keep writing and stay inspired!!!

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