Equal sexuality

I’ve read a lot of articles about it and I also know people who are equally sexual active, but women are always treaten worse as men.

If man has a lot of sexual partners he is a hero. When it’s woman, she is (sorry for the word) whore. I’m offended by this as a woman. Why wouldn’t I have the same rights as men? I can’t like sex, because I’m a female?

Everyone is talking about equality so where is it?

We have 21st century and I don’t understand why people keep judging others. No matter man or woman, both have the same rights.

It seems like a woman should be a virgin, sit at home and clean it and only men have right to enjoy their life.

I’m not saying that I’m loose, but if I wanted to be sexually active I have right to do this and no one has right to judge me for that. I also have different friends and what they are doing with their personal life is their own business especially if they do it safe.

Men and women are the same. We all have feelings, we love and we also feel desire. I hope someday people will stop judging women based on their sexual partners. If they want to judge women because of that, judge men too. Don’t be a hypocrite.



4 thoughts on “Equal sexuality

  1. I’ve met such a situation at one of the place I used to work. When a man felt his job is not secure anymore because of a woman who was doing his job better than him, he simply started or throwing mud at her and tried to discredit her. I believe it’s about inner-self security and lack of common sense.

    When such people feel insecure they become sexists, so we have misogyny and feminism. None of these should exist in a 21st century, and yet, we know about them and we use these words. As long as we’re going to use these words things won’t change.

    We’re all individuals with same rights to work, to feel, to congregate, to travel, to live and so on… Woman or Men, that’s not the point.The point relies in freedom of choice and beliefs.

    For instance, my actual boss is a woman, a wonderful lady, I like her a lot, we have nice chats and work together like friends in a team. I feel relaxed at work and I don’t give a crap if my boss is a woman or a man as long as I feel great at work.

    • Exactly! People should be judged by what kind of person they are not by their sex. I hope it will change someday. Probably not soon, but I hope it just will.

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