Life with kitten

Having a kitten is like having a baby. The only moment you have peace is when they are sleeping.

I love Leona and she gives me a lot of happiness, but day with her is a hard work.

She bites, she scratches, she eats plants, she goes to places she shouldn’t, she bites laptop. She doesn’t stay still unless she is sleeping. She is very naughty kitten.

Bitting hand is her favorite game. My hand is all bitten and scratched. Beside bitting she is very funny. Right now she is preparing to sleep under a blanket which I’m sitting covered under.

I’m affraid what will happen to house when she will be staying alone till afternoon. In October I’ll go back to Warsaw and she will be alone until my parents and brother come back home. She doesn’t like to be alone either.

I hope she will manage to stay alone and house will stay in one piece as well.





11 thoughts on “Life with kitten

  1. The picture of her inside the container is so soo cute!
    I do know a thing or two about naughty kittens though – when our cat was small he’d run at peoples feet and bite them, and he’d always bite the older cat.
    But they’re so cute that you forgive them haha.

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