Too difficult to help

Last week in the morning show in a Polish tv station I saw two reports about education in Georgia and refugees from South Ossetia. People from South Ossetia don’t have chances for a good life. They live in the colony where they have no possibilities for work or proper education.  Also children in Georgia study in very bad conditions.

It made me think why those rich people all over the world can’t help?

The richest people of the world have fortunes worth 20 or even 60 billion dollars! What would 10 millions mean to them? Nothing.

Everyone is helping people in Africa and that’s all. I’m not saying they don’t need it. Of course they do. Life conditions in Africa are terrible and they deserve help.

But not only people in the Black Land need it. What about people in Georgia? What about people in the rest of the world?

It seems like helping Africans is ‘fashionable’. Everyone is doing it and if they do it as well it means they have big hearts.

But why no one is helping other people?

If every the richest man in the world gave 1%, only 1%, of their fortune it wouldn’t be a loss for them and it would help a lot of people.

For this money schools in poor, former Soviet Republics could be renovated giving kids a healthy and safe place to study. For this money new homes for refugees could be built in safe places. Thanks to it, they would have chances for a good life.

Why no one is thinking about them?

If I had 60 billion dollars at least 1 billion I would spend at helping people who no one is thinking about.

Why people see only Africa? What about Asia? South America? Or even Europe? They don’t need help? They don’t deserve a better life?

UNICEF and missionaries are not able to help those people that much. They don’t have resources for it.

I hope world will wake up, especially rich people. If you are lucky to be wealthy, share your luck helping others.

Don’t only donate money to foundations to help poor people in Africa.

Do something more! Help people from the rest of the world as well.

Everyone deserves help and to be given a chance for a better life.



8 thoughts on “Too difficult to help

  1. Money can’t solve corruption it can only make it worse. Big money causes huge corruption. There is no way just to move some money and solve all the problems of poor children. You need to change the government for one that actually would now how to solve problems. You have to change the culture values in these countries. Only when the people themselfs would like to change their life for better, only then poor children stop beeing poor.

    • It’s not about goverments who will solve problems. If country is poor, even the best president won’t change the situation of people. Have to change culture values? You think people will stop being poor when they want to stop? I’m sure they want, but they have no possibilities for that. Billionaires have more money than their great grandchildren can spend so 1% of their fortune gave to help some people is a lot. It’s not about politics or corruption at all. It’s about people’s good will. Nothing more.

  2. Wow! You said it so well! I was moved by your passion, you are so right about where the money goes. People around the WORLD suffer, NOT just in Africa. Why are they forgotten? Why are they not important? Because they don’t get media coverage? It is ridiculous! Rich people wake up and do something, you cannot take your money to the grave. Helping others when you are in a position to do so is the right thing to do 🙂

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