Things that I love in myself

After Things that I hate in myself it’s time for things that I love.

I’m proud of being like this. It makes me who I am.

  • I care

I’m not able not to care. When my friend has a problem, it’s my problem too, if I see some animal on the street being hungry and lonely I cry and want to adopt them all, when someone I know is hurted I do everything to make them feel better. Whenever someone asks me for help, I’m there.

  • I’m real

I don’t pretend someone I’m not. I always am who I am no matter what others think about it. I don’t pretend I like someone when I don’t just to gain some benefit from it, I don’t pretend I’m interested in something I’m not just to fit society.

  • I’m honest

Sometimes I may be too honest, but I think it’s better than lying. I don’t play with anyone’s feelings nor comfort anyone with lies. I say what I think in respectful way and I expect the same back.

  • I’m sweet person 

When I get to know someone closer and open up I’m really sweet. I like to have fun and I smile a lot. I may be untalkative sometimes, but when I start talking I can’t stop. I make people comfortable with me easy and they feel good with me (at least that’s what I heard from my friends).

  • I’m trustworthy

I like to gossip as everyone, but when someone trusts me and shares with me something they don’t share with others, I’ll never tell it to anyone else. I keep a lot of secrets and I’m actually glad I do. It means my friends trust me enough.

  • I see things from good side

Towards me it hard sometimes, but I always try to see positives in bad situations. I believe everything happens for a reason and bad things are meant to teach us something, make us smarter and stronger.

Obviously, it was hard to find things I like in myself.

I like my good side and I would never replace it.



3 thoughts on “Things that I love in myself

  1. I had the feeling that you are describing me. 🙂
    But there are a lot shades of gray…
    At the end, many times, we judged by others, pretty much on random base. And it can be very frustrating sometimes…

      • I meant that most of the times other people judge us based on there inner perspective that has no real connection to what we pretend to be or what we really are. People can “understand you” just by one look, sometimes first impression is very hard to be changed.
        I know that I’m far from being perfect, as we all. So when you try to be better, it’s not always pretending…

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