How to be a perfect friend?

I was thinking about it lately trying to figure out what it makes to be a perfect friend.

I’m the same towards every friend, but not everyone treasures it. I used to think it’s my fault, but then I realized that I do nothing wrong.

What kind of friend I am?

  • I’m there for my friends whenever they need it
  • I listen to them and try to help them
  • When they cry, I cry
  • I’m very sympathetic
  • I treat their problems as my own
  • I care a lot
  • I do my best to make my friends smile
  • I’m trustworthy
  • Even if we fight I’ll be there if they asks me to
  • Once I call someone friend, I treat them like one for the rest of my life no matter what

The saddest thing is that many people don’t appreciate real friends. They run after sweet fakes who may make them happy for a bit, but when they need a real friend their sweethearts vanish.

I. unfortunately, was replaced by friends who I really loved and cared about, because I wasn’t fakely sweet and happy 24/7. They couldn’t stand me the way I am. It hurted me a lot.

I don’t know am I perfect friend, but I know I’m good friend. With time I realized they were never worth my friendship, but I’m grateful for those ‘friendships’, because I learnt who deserves me and who doesn’t.

Even though I was hurted I believe it’s worth to be who I really am. There are still people who will value me the way I am.



8 thoughts on “How to be a perfect friend?

  1. Don’t be fake for anyone. Those who can’t appreciate real friendships shouldn’t be in your life. You will attract the right situations by being you, and you seem like a real, loving person! ♥

  2. I would love you to be my friend and to be yours as well!
    It saddens me to think that people like us cherish people but eventually, they don’t return the same appreciation that we give them.

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